Our free 2021 Career Planning Guide is out now...
Our free 2021 Career Planning Guide is out now...

Ah, there’s nothing like the flip of a calendar year to bring renewed intention to goals.

That wave of momentum is worth riding! 🌊

But as we surge forward, we’ve got to remain vigilant against some common pitfalls that threaten to sink our resolution.

Like destructive perfectionism — aka the all-or-nothing approach to a goal that drives us to obsess over unhealthy expectations, rather than recognize actionable first steps and respect our progress.

Or the delicate trap of holding tightly to a dream that just needs to die, because society insists on romanticizing not giving up under any circumstances as the key to all success.

And how about the misguided belief that luck is some sort of gift from a magical realm that we only ever experience if we’re, well, lucky. (Instead of a less fantastical reality where luck is actually linked to effort and output.)

Dang. That kind of negative self-talk threatens to wipe us out before we’ve even found our footing! (Really working that surfing metaphor here.) Which is why it’s important to remember something that’s easy to get twisted:

We are the boss of our goals — not the other way around.

Setting goals that allow you to go slow and stay flexible isn’t lazy, it’s playing the strategic long game.

Reevaluating a goal that no longer serves you (or dropping it all together) doesn’t indicate a lack of commitment. It shows an understanding of time and energy as limited precious resources you could be spending chasing other viable dreams.

And don’t worry, you can demystify luck without diminishing the effect of its magical aura.

Want to ride the wave together? 🏄

Our free 2021 Career Planning Guide is out now.

It includes a workbook and live interactive session that walks you step-by-step through the introspective process of creating a comprehensive career plan for 2021.

And it’s just for administrative and operations professionals.

Download the workbook and RSVP to our live session, today.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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Get the 2021 Career Planning Guide, presented by OfficeNinjas.
At OfficeNinjas, purposeful action planning is the driving force behind our growth, innovation, and resiliency for nearly a decade.

That’s why we’re thrilled to debut the first offering of our 2021 programming, appropriately: Your 2021 Career Planning Guide.

The Planning Guide includes an actionable workbook — and a ticket to join us inside a LIVE OfficeNinja Studio session. And it’s entirely free.

Download it and RSVP today.

Based on our personal methodology, shaped and refined over many applications and learnings — the Planning Guide will help you determine which projects to run enthusiastically towards, while instilling you with the discipline to confidently pass on those that aren’t in line with your most important values and goals.

Let’s take on 2021 together!

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