Congratulations. You made it through 2020...
Congratulations. You made it through 2020...

If you’re reading this — our final newsletter of the year — you made it through 2020. Congrats! Take a moment to catch your breath and pat yourself on the back.

Now, let’s reflect on what helped you cross the finish line.

In addition to flexing prolonged resilience and ingenuity this year, chances are you've also added a slew of new skills and workflows to your arsenal.

You’ve likely dipped your toes into previously unknown areas of the business and have come out with a greater understanding of the "big picture."

Perhaps the experience of extreme limitation has given you a new perspective on your values and purpose.

That kind of incredible personal growth may be the silver lining to an exhausting chapter of your work history. But it also raises a question: what professional opportunities and career goals will you pursue in the year ahead? And what agonizing tasks will you decide to finally leave behind?

No one knows what 2021 holds. But for the team at OfficeNinjas HQ, creating a thoughtful plan of action has always instilled a calming clarity and focus — even when the world around us feels entirely unpredictable.

So, we converted our company’s own planning tools into a 2021 Career Planning Guide for you.

The Guide includes a downloadable workbook and a live interactive session that walks you step-by-step as you:

  • Reflect on the triumphs and challenges of 2020
  • Evaluate tasks that cause you agony
  • Brainstorm opportunities and BIG ideas
  • Devise your plan of action and communication strategy

📆 The 2021 Career Planning Guide launches on January 4.

Get pumped! This offering is the kind of high-value professional development that our community has come to expect from OfficeNinjas. Even better — it’s our free gift to you. We can’t think of a better send off for 2020.

New year, new view!

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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Despite the shock, loss, frustration, and uncertainty we’ve all faced this year, we’ve found ways to get through it.
Despite the shock, loss, and frustration we’ve all faced this year, we’ve found ways to get through it. With 2020 almost in the rearview mirror, Behavioral Scientist looks back at how we coped.
These evolving ideas about decision-making and leadership provided managers with useful context in a year marked by uncertainty.
Want to join the elite few who meet their New Year’s resolutions? According to a new study, people who create resolutions to add behaviors rather than erase them are more likely to change.

On Monday, January 4, we’re launching our 2021 Career Planning Guide.
Get the 2021 Career Planning Goods-»
After the chaos of this year, who isn’t ready for a fresh start in 2021?

Big news: we’ve developed the tools to help you map out your action plan for a professionally fulfilling new year.

On Monday, January 4, we’re launching our 2021 Career Planning Guide.

The 2021 Career Planning Guide is an actionable framework that will guide you through the introspective process of creating a comprehensive career plan for 2021.

It includes a live interactive session and workbook that walks you step-by-step through the process.

Ready to take on 2021 together? Mark your calendar and join us!

📬 Jan 4: Get the 2021 Career Planning Guide + RSVP to a live Studio Session
Check your email to download the Career Planning Workbook and submit your RSVP to participate in a live Studio Session on Jan 14.

🎟️ Jan 14: Attend the Studio Session from 11:30am - 1pm PT
Take dedicated time and space in a 90-minute virtual Studio session to work on the Career Planning Workbook alongside other ambitious Ninjas.


Here are some positive affirmations for people who don’t like affirmations.
If you think most positive affirmations are a load of eye-rolling bull, you aren’t alone. Here are some positive affirmations for people who don’t like affirmations.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
After the civil unrest of the spring, organizations around the country expressed their solidarity with the Black community, pledged money to fight discrimination, and promised to embrace diversity in their workforces. HBR has a tactical guide for using your influence to ensure your company follows through on its commitments.
Our brains respond to language expressing facts differently than they do to words conveying possibility, according to new research.
Emotional Intelligence
Why our instinctive efforts to salve another’s sadness tend to only deepen their helpless anguish and broaden the abyss between us and them — and what to do instead.
It turns out employee surveys can often be misleading. A disconnect between reported behavior and actual behavior is usually to blame. And it may be time to stop relying on old ways of gauging how people feel.

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