Silence stifles equity and growth...
Silence stifles equity and growth...

We could remain silent about difficult or controversial workplace topics, but who would that benefit?

Not your manager who suspects she’s earning less than her male counterparts but can’t confirm it.

Not your exhausted colleague who’s secretly undergoing a third round of IVF and struggling to keep both her medical appointments and her business meetings. (Let alone pay for it.)

Not your friend who can’t report the workplace discrimination she experiences as a mom for fear of retaliation.

And certainly not any of the businesses that employ these people; companies don’t benefit from taboos either.

Silence stifles growth, keeping organizations from becoming the kind of inclusive workplaces that attract and retain talent.

The time is long past to normalize discussions about infertility, mom bias, and pay disparity because they hold us back.

We must make it to our job to have these difficult conversations. For everyone’s sake.

— OfficeNinjas HQ

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